Ways to Find Christmas Assistance

With one week to go until Christmas Eve, many families face the possibility of not having food or gifts for their children. We contacted several organizations that offer help during this holiday season so that you do not go without celebrating despite the pandemic.

Find Help with Christmas assistance
Find Help with Christmas assistance

“It is not easy at all for someone who is fighting for their children to grow up and to have a gift for them this year,” after receiving a gift card from the Sacred Heart Services.

Christmas is likely to be very different this year given the COVID-19 pandemic, and for many it will be particularly difficult. We must be in solidarity and generous with those around us. However, we don’t always know how to help or donate On christmas to needy families people. Here is a small (non-exhaustive) list of organizations or mutual aid initiatives where you can give generously.

The classics “

There are a number of organizations (some international, some not) that offer you the opportunity to participate in their self-help programs. Several options are available, depending on what suits you best: cash donations, food or toy donations, time volunteering (classification of objects, distribution, maintenance and administration, etc.)

The Canadian Red Cross

If you have the health of your community at heart, the Canadian Red Cross , established for many years, will know how to use your donations in the best way to come to the aid of those in need.

The Salvation Army

You know all the clothing stores and other used items. It is of course possible to make direct donations to the store closest to you, but also to get involved in various support events. This year, given the COVID-19 pandemic, the involvement will be in a different way, but don’t hesitate to offer your help. Visit salvationarmy.ca.

Operation Santa Claus

For more than 25 years, Operation Father Christmas has given you the opportunity to transform yourself into a “real” Santa Claus, at least for a needy child. If you register to participate, you will be sent the letter to a child’s Santa Claus, then you will buy the gift he wants for him and accompany it with a letter. There are other ways to get involved as well, and in this special year Operation Santa Claus is primarily asking for cash donations to help those in need while protecting everyone’s health.

World Vision

If you want to take concrete action for the entire year, it is also possible to sponsor a child in difficulty for a small monthly fee. This is of course not a Christmas present strictly speaking, but it is nevertheless an effective way to do good to a young person who needs it. Visit www.visionmondiale.ca .

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Montreal

Your donations in good will accumulate money to develop mentoring relationships. The purpose of the body proves to develop the full potential of youth and equip them to face future.


By giving them your clothes that you no longer wear, you are contributing to the social inclusion program of this non-profit organization . A small gesture for you that makes a big difference in the lives of many!

Quebec Food Banks

You can choose to donate money or food to provide meals to those who need them. A small donation makes a big difference. On their site you will discover that $ 10 can provide 30 meals!

Animal shelters

Animals in need also exist! Why not make a donation to an organization that helps them? For example, you can support the Montreal SPCA . Cats, dogs, and rabbits may not say thank you, but they will be very happy to receive better care.

Local community centers

Obviously, there are also a very large number of local organizations that aim to help their community. If you prefer this option, know that it is always possible to get involved on a voluntary basis. These organizations are always in need of help and whatever your interests or areas of expertise, they will appreciate your participation.

For example, you could offer homemade pastries, give a few hours to run a community party or serve Christmas dinner to the homeless, make your artistic talents available to the organizers for a show, etc. The options are endless! Make sure to contact those in charge to find out what to do in a pandemic. Because we repeat, 2020 is a year like any other, even when the time comes to lend a hand!

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